General Info

General Info

Date of Establishment

Fall, 1905


Ali Sami Yen, Asım Tevfik Sonumut, Emin Bülend Serdaroğlu, Celal İbrahim, Bekir Sıtkı Bircan, Reşat Şirvanizade, Refik Cevdet Kalpakçıoğlu, Abidin Daver

Place of Establishment

5th grade classroom in Galatasaray High School

Initial Colors

Red and white (Galatasaray’s colors changed to Yellow – Black and eventually to Red and Yellow)

First Clubhouse

Bulgarian dairy shop at Galatasaray

First Crest

Eagle on the Tobler chocolate’s packing

First Chairman

Ali Sami Yen

First Match

Galatasaray - Kadıköy Faure Mektebi (2-0)

First Sports Branch


First Title

İstanbul Sunday League Title

Organization Goal

"To play in a collective way like the English, to signify a certain color and name and defeat non-Turkish teams."

Ali Sami Yen