Story of our colors

Story of our colors

Galatasaray Sports Club’s first official colors were red and white. The chosen colors was inspired by the colors of our flag but were met with suspicion by the oppressive and paranoid administration of the period. Fearing from the nationalist movement of the period, our footballers were closely monitored by the time’s law-enforcement authorities. Later, yellow-navy colors were thought as replacement, but they were not really well liked and Galatasaray came to choose its symbolic colors. Let's listen to the story of our colors from Ali Sami Yen:

"After we have been in and out of several shops, we saw two different elegant-looking wool materials in Fatty Yanko's store at Bahçekapısı (between Eminönü and Sirkeci in İstanbul, now called Bahçekapı). One of them was quite dark red, resembling the cherry color, and the other a rich yellow with a touch of orange. When the sales clerk made the two fabrics fly together with a twist of his hand they became so bright that it reminded us the beauty of a goldfinch. We thought we were looking at the colors flickering in burning fire. We were picturing the yellow-red flames shining on our team and dreaming that it would take us to victories. Indeed it did."

On the other hand, one of our founders, Bekir Sıtkı, argues that the colors are inspired by the yellow and red roses that Gül Baba gave to Bayezid II. Yellow and red Galatasaray played its first game with its symbolic colors on 6 December 1908 against English cruiser Barham’s football team. This game was the beginning of years full of victory and the first step taken on that road. Galatasaray won its first İstanbul League title in 1908-1909 season. At the end of the legendary streak that led to the first title, “Gentlemen of Galata Palace” beat Imogen 11-0 and became the first Turkish team with a championship title.

After their first title, Galatasaray players took their İstanbul League Plate to their beloved headmaster, teacher and big brother Tevfik Fikret. The historic day’s memory was recorded with an unforgettable photo.

Galatasaray also became 1909-1910, 1910-1911 İstanbul League champion in the following years.